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This Quilt was made for my nephew, Jesse, who loves lighthouses and grew up in New Jersey. I designed these based on pictures I found in a book on New Jersey Lighthouses. It is an applique design.
This is one side of a two sided quilt I made for my daughter Jennifer. She is a soccer nut and spent her years growing up playing on local, travel and high school teams. This side of the quilt is made from her High School and some travel team shirts. The quilt below is the back of the quilt or the front depending on your way of thinking.
This quilt was made for my son Christopher when he graduated from Grad School. I designed this side using the school colors of George Washington University. They don't have licensed fabric that I could use so I used the school colors and a quilt block I liked. I added the school initials in the center,
This is the other side of the quilt above. This was made from all of her local team shirts and the ones she got from camps and tournaments they played in. As you can see they are two totally different quilts that are put together. I built the design for each around the T-Shirts that are in each one. The one above I used the Team and School colors and this one I picked a fun novelty fabric that went with all the colors in the quilt and pulled it all together.
This is the other side of the quilt above. This side is for Purdue University where Christopher did his undergraduate studies. Purdue has licensed fabric so I used it in the design of this quilt.
This quilt was made for my son when he got is Eagle in scouting. I put all of his Boy Scout High Adventure T-Shirts and Staff T-Shirts from summer camp on it. I also used the plain backs of several shirts to sew patches on then included them in the quilt. I didn't want to cut his Order of the Arrow sash so I used part of the white T-Shirt and appliqued a red arrow resembling the Order of the Arrow on it.
This is a quilt I made out of my husband and my T-Shirts from his time as a cadet at West Point.  I used class and company shirts and T-Shirts from the Army/Navy games we went to when he was at school there. It has kept us warm at many a game.
This is the back of the quilt to the left. I thought it kept the theme going and decorated the back of the quilt very nicely. My Dad didn't appreciate the sentiment as he always rooted for Navy when we went to the games.
This is another West Point Quilt. This one I made with a variety of different fabrics including an old uniform. I used a pair of my husband's old cadet uniform pants to make this and added the other fabrics. The gray is the fabric from his uniform pants. I also used the black cording that went down the side of the pants around the border. The patches are from his old uniforms and his stars from the academy are in the corners of the quilt.
This it the back of the quilt to the left. Again I took a plain back and added a decorative element to carry the theme from the front to the back.