All Squared Up Tee's

All Squared Up Tee's Templates Now Available With A Center Hole Option To Make Marking The Center Of Your Blocks And Embroideries Even Easier.

Show & Tell

Following are some examples of quilts made by other memory quilt enthusiasts.

I would love to include your quilts please feel free to email me
photos with the story behind them so we can inspire more quilters.

Happy Memories!!!

Storybook Quilt

 This is a wonderful memory qulit that was given to the makers Dad.  She gave him a book along with the quilt telling the story of how each block came to be.  What a wonderful way to design a memory.  I am sure her Dad spent many wonderful hours under the quilt reading and reminicing of times gone by.

A Team Quilt with a Twist

A great example of a quilt using a two sided shirt that couldn't be cut apart without ruining the design.  A wonderful answer to a problem that does occur more than we would like.