All Squared Up Tee's

All Squared Up Tee's Templates Now Available With A Center Hole To Make Marking The Center Of Your Blocks And Embroideries Even Easier.

Lecture and Class Schedule

 2021 Online Classes
(via Quilting Daily)

Learn at your own pace! Check these workshops out today! (Click on the link to open a new browser window to see a preview of the workshop and register.)

These classes are only open for registration during a limited window so don't miss them. Once you are registered you can take the class at any time you want. A discount is offered for early registration. (Details on the Quilting Daily web site.)


Techniques for Making T-Shirts into Memory Quilt Blocks
Registration Closed 4/30/21

Techniques for Making Ties into Memory Quilt Blocks
Registration Closed 5/28/21

Sports Jersey Workshop

Making Sports Jersey's into Memory Quilt Blocks
Workshop runs 8/13-9/10. Registration Closes  9/3/21

Coming in October: Making Children's Clothing and Costumes into Memory Quilt Blocks

Stay tuned for announcements of further opportunities to learn about
making your own T-Shirt and memory quilts.
I am always available via phone and email to answer any questions.